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Women in their 40s, days confused by changes in physical condition

Medical aroma health care manager course held the other day.
A woman in her 40s took the course.

"I'm getting sick and I wanted to learn a treatment that isn't a medicine," he said.

That's right ~.
For women in their 40s, the age at which the internal environment changes significantly, such as changes in hormone balance.

It's easy to get really annoyed by a different physical condition.

I understand how this person feels.

The course was divided into two days.
(Adjusted according to the student's convenience)
We also received feedback after learning the basics of medical aroma and practical training.


・ Did you achieve the purpose of the course?
I was able to achieve it. I want to learn more deeply as my interest grows.
・ Is the lecture easy to understand?
There were many cases and it was very easy to understand.
・ How to utilize in the future
For those who are worried about their physical condition, we would like to disseminate the possibility of easy improvement.


It seemed that he was satisfied, and I was very happy (^^).
During the course
"The scales are falling from my eyes!"

・ I didn't know.
・ I had the wrong information.

I was shocked when these became clear.

Also, it seems that they liked the 3 types of lavender cream that they made in the training.
"We will prepare the ingredients so that you can make your own!"
I also received the message.

Now of the corona wreck.
I don't think there are times when self-care skills at home are important.
This health care manager course is a course that can answer such needs of everyone.

I strongly believe that it will be useful to many people.

Held at any time. Medical aroma health care manager course

Health care manager courses can be held at any time.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.




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