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Now that it is difficult to go out due to the corona virus, self-management at home is effective

Medical aroma health manager S attended the self-lymph care qualification acquisition course "Lymph Neotector".

Medical aroma also has a gel recipe for "lymph" care.
However, if you apply this gel and do self-lymphatic massage care, you will be able to bring out the power of aroma more and take care of coldness and swelling more carefully.

Mr. S also felt the importance of self-lymphatic care when considering the future health of the elderly family, so he took this course.
By touching it, you can feel more relieved.

Nowadays, it is difficult to go to salons and hospitals as easily as before.
At such times, it is very encouraging to know the care that can be done at home.

Lymph Neotector Overview

[Expected effect]
・ Know how to do the correct self-lymphatic massage
・ Because you will learn the mechanism of lymph, you can give appropriate advice.
・ Self-management and family health management have improved dramatically
・ Because it is useful for skin health, the first impression becomes youthful and the favorability improves.
・ Because it is less likely to catch a cold, you can reduce the number of hospital visits.
・ Useful for managing your own health and your family's health at home
・ Can be used as part of preventive care

[For people like this]
・ Health management and care prevention for family members and themselves

・ Sports trainers and fitness instructors
I want to get the effect of exercise and diet of customers even faster
For aftercare of your training and exercise, and as a health care item to prevent illness and injury
For plus alpha skills
To increase income
For self-care and health management of trainers and instructors

・ Counselor ・ Therapist
As a client's mental care support item
To increase income
For your own health care

・ Models and actors
For health care (prevention of illness and injury)
For keeping a small face with beautiful skin, body line, and diet support

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