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A little talk about pet aroma for 10 years

It ’s a medical aromatherapy that I learned for my dog,
When I was involved in dissemination and enlightenment, I was able to experience a lot of emotional resonance (impression?).
I would like to tell you about the current fusion with medical aroma, a pet counselor that was launched about 10 years ago.

The owner wants his dog to live a healthy and long life no matter what he does.

My dog became a senior and became suffering from various illnesses, complaining to me as a medical aroma counselor, and the owner learns about illnesses, medicines, how to use aromas and how to interact with a veterinarian.

Take the courage to visit the vet, ask how to use aromas many times, and do your best for my child.

Little by little, you will learn self-care and get the hang of healing on your own.

In psychology, there is the word "self-efficacy."

It seems that there is no doubt that the joy of being able to care for my child on my own is the care of the owner's heart during the senior days.

No matter how many things you do, you may regret it. but,
Supporting your pet's lifelong readiness has softened the way pets are accepted.

This pet's terminal care, which was initially done only with psychological counseling and advice, has taken root in its current form with the addition of medical aroma.

Pet medical aromatherapy has come to be supported not only by veterinarians but also by owners' home medical care.

The owner, who has been handed down to the next child and has mastered the medical aroma completely, has lost my turn by that time (laughs).



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