mina mina medical aroma & handmade soapSkin care becomes a measure against hay fever ☆


How to get over hay fever

   Skin care is a measure against hay fever!
   ~ Enhancing skin barrier function ~

Exciting season, spring.
However, for hay fever, it's also the season for hay fever.

When pollen enters the nose, throat, and eyes, you will suffer from slime symptoms.
Sneezing, nose nose, itchy eyes ...

Even if you are taking measures against hay fever, such as masks, glasses, and washing hands, you won't feel refreshed!
I guess some of you may be there.

We will tell you how to survive such sly symptoms ♪


◉Dry skin needs special attention! ! !

Because ...
Pollen can enter from [skin].

Dry skin has a reduced barrier function, making it easier for pollen to enter.

To prevent pollen from being taken in from the skin, enhance the barrier function of the skin and maintain a normal condition.

Good moisturizing [skin care] is an important prevention point.

By moisturizing frequently, it is also good for beauty ♪


・ I do not want to rely on medicine as much as possible
・ I get sleepy when I take medicine
・ I can not take medicine because I am breastfeeding or pregnant

In such a case, medical aroma care items are very useful.

役 立 つ Useful for hay fever! ! !
5 medical aromas

■ Immune adjustment gel
   → Fundamental treatment of allergy
■ Nose care gel
   → Runny nose, stuffy nose
■ Eye itch cream
   → Eye itching
■ Cough gel
   → throat, cough
■ Lavender cream
   → Skin care

* Detailed content and usage are reported in the course.


Let's do skin care well as well as mask and glasses (goggles), hand washing and gargle.

◉Other measures
・ When going home from home, drop pollen before entering the house
・ Open and close windows and doors to the minimum required
・ Use an air purifier with pollen removal function
・ No stress
・ Eat a well-balanced meal etc…

Let's approach from various angles as far as you can!


隠 れ Hidden trick of mask!
[Wear a wet tissue between two ordinary masks]
(It makes it harder to take in pollen with a W mask, and has a moisturizing effect by sandwiching a wet tissue)
It seems to be a secret trick among healthcare workers!
Please try it by all means ♪

May everyone smile and overcome the pollen season ☆

* Mina mina *


mina mina medical aroma & handmade soap

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