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Thank you for your participation!

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   Finished popular!
  【Medical Aroma Study Session in Sapporo】
         ~ Thank you! ~
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"Medical Aroma Study Session in Sapporo"
Finished successfully.

Thank you all for participating!


Mr. Yoshida explained each group's questions one by one, and everyone was satisfied!
I think it was a fruitful time.

Mr. Yoshida's story is not just an answer.

Please explain the "thinking" and "grounds" of the answer in an easy-to-understand and fun way.

It was very impressive that the participants who took the memos so hard so as not to leak any words.

I was able to spend a very meaningful time seeing improvements and reconfirmation. Thanks.

By all means, let's use it for future life and activities!


This time it was a wide range of contents from basic to applied, and it was a study session with an extended time, but thank you to everyone!

May 2018 to be a wonderful year for everyone ☆

* Mina mina *


mina mina medical aroma & handmade soap

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