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Please join us

             <Asahikawa> First held! ! !
      【Medical Aroma Festa】
           ~ Held on December 19 (Tue) ~

It has become a common practice in Hokkaido
Information on [Medical Aroma Festa].

Office Equipment Sasaki Mental Division Smiley sponsors [Asahikawa] for the first time!


Medical Aroma Festa is a perfect lecture for beginners to learn about medical aroma, including the basics of medical aroma and how to use it immediately.

Information is constantly evolving.
Medical aroma is constantly evolving.
Please come and listen to the story of JMAA Chairman Yoshida, the leading medical aroma in Japan.

"There is always learning!"
I can hear the latest and deeper content so that I can say with confidence.

This is the only thing you need to actually feel, but I think you will want to know more about medical aroma.


【Medical Aroma Festa in Asahikawa】

● Date: December 19 (Tue) 13: 00-16: 00
● Place: Asahikawa Kaguraoka District Center
● Lecturer: Chairman, Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
               Dr. Shoichi Yoshida
● Participation fee: 1500 yen (with lavender cream souvenir!)


<Inquiries / Application>

◎ Saki's office equipment Mental Division Smiley
祥 Shoko Sasaki
▶ ︎ https://jmaa-cloud.com/shop/1229/seminar-event/1949

Everyone, please join us.


The next day, Wednesday, a study session will be held in Sapporo.
We will inform you when the details have been decided, so if you have time, please by all means!

I hope everyone can smile every day with a smile ☆

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mina mina medical aroma & handmade soap

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