SAKURA viewFirst! Egyptian taste ☆


First! Egyptian taste ☆

I am interested in many things when I grow up.
Still, there are quite a few first experiences every year!

No, how small is my living world.
I just feel that I don't know.

By the way, this time is Egyptian sweets ☆
I looked for a photo! !

It is a major Egyptian souvenir.
It seems to be "Dates".

A dried fruit that is eaten on a daily basis in the Middle East.
It grows in harsh environments and is an important source of nutrition, especially for desert people.

Dates exposed to the hot sun are ripe and have different tastes depending on their temperament.The ones I received seemed to be completely dry, they looked like prunes, and the taste was sour and sweet like dried persimmons Was something.

To ~

The heart goes to Egypt a little while being delicious with natural sweetness. . . . .
There is a bottle of Aura Soma with the Egyptian name, and I looked at it for a while.

Pyramids, deserts, me who are attracted.
The first experience is always thrilling ♪



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