SAKURA viewWhat do you do when you get frustrated?


What do you do when you get frustrated?

What do you do when you get frustrated?

Today's students are moms with children 5 and 3 years old.

It's not just moms who get frustrated.
The same goes for children.

In the morning, for a 3-year-old child who can hardly get ready for kindergarten, if she put this sedative gel on her wrist just a little bit, she seems to be in a good mood and get ready immediately ♡

Since then, they have come to tell them to attach it to their children, which makes mom no longer frustrated and no longer needs a sedative gel.

It's a synergistic effect ♡

The other is that the Nico container has a Nico-Chan mark on it, so she told her that if she put it on, she would become Nico Nico.

However, it is not good to wear it without any symptoms, so I drew a Nico Nico mark on the lavender cream instead of the sedative gel and told that if I put it on it I would get a happy smile.

When you get irritated, nervous, or irritated, attach it to your wrist and stress yourself as soon as possible ♡



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