SAKURA view PC does not start ...


PC does not start ...

It started fine in the morning but doesn't work.

The afternoon class was canceled due to the student's convenience and I had free time until the evening class, so I thought I could prepare for next week's study session and festival event ...

For some reason, it does not start with a black screen.
It's a long time, but the outside is awesome!
And when you look at the mountains, it is pure white. I guess it's snowstorm.

I didn't want to go outside, so I switched my mind and started to sort out the shelves.

A4 size papers are piled up on the shelves like a pile, and I thought I had to do something.

This is also a place you can not easily access if you do not have the time, so I think that it was good that the computer did not start now, but I am horrified if I do not start it as it is



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