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Importance of immunity

Importance of immunity

What we can do with the new Coronavirus measures.

Keep virus out of your body with a mask or hand wash.
Gargle cannot be done anywhere, so increase the number of times you drink water

And improve your immunity.

In medical aromas, care can be provided with immune boosting gels.

The essential oil used in this gel has components that raise immunoglobulin IgA.IgM.

For the initial symptoms of a cold, such as a sore throat and mussels,
Applying to the throat and to the parotid lymph nodes can improve the initial symptoms.

Also, as a measure against the new coronavirus, you have to refrain from going out,
When you have to go out to the crowd
When you have to go shopping
You can also apply in advance and go out.

It is safe to have something close to you that can take care of yourself and your family.



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