SAKURA viewEnd of the year, cleaning


End of the year, cleaning

End of the year, cleaning

SAKURA view will be paid for work tomorrow.
Today is SAKURA view Hiroshima school cleaning!

This year, many people come to this classroom, give classes, have fun conversations, make gels and creams, etc.
I talked a lot.

The most active was the whiteboard!
Remove dirt neatly and turn white.

The outside of the window glass was also stained with dust, but after it became clean, it looks good next year.
Look, Hiroshima Castle in front of you
It will be exciting to talk about next year.

Start of work January 6, 2020

Medical Aroma Study Session by Chairman Yoshida
2/25 (Tue) Fukuyama
2/26 (Wed.) Higashihiroshima

Tomorrow is SAKURA view Fukuyama school cleaning!



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