SAKURA view☆ 12th anniversary premium campaign ☆


☆ 12th anniversary premium campaign ☆

Thanks to the 12th anniversary‼ス ク ー ル SAKURA view school started on October 27, 2007.

Looking back, there were really many things.

I met wonderful teachers, many students attended the course, and received a lot of learning that could not be described in words.・
"Continuation is power"
It is easy to say in words, but I feel that there is now through twists and turns because of the difficulty of continuing and the support of many people.
I'm really thankful to you.

Therefore, we will hold a premium campaign with gratitude from SAKURA view.

My favorite word, Dr. Hiroshi Ishikawa
"If you do, decide. Don't get lost."

When you start something, first decide what you want to do while getting lost.
And once I decided, I didn't get lost anymore.

Autumn of learning
Why do not you study together?



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