SAKURA viewThank the body!


Thank the body!

I think there are many routines to finish the day.

Dinner beer
After-meal dessert
Favorite bath additive
Relax BGM
Skin pack
Stretch etc ...

My recent boom is
"Thank you for your body" ♪

Enter the futon
Put your hands on your stomach, one by one on your body
"Thank you for one day today, and thank you.
I'll give thanks.

Gastrointestinal, liver, bones, muscles, and so on.

If you do not understand the parts on the way, all of the body. . . . I can say what
Basically, I will go to the dream world within 5 minutes
I can't say everything. . . . . (Bitter smile)

Nevertheless, I will spend all my thanks and time.

I've always been thankful to my body, but only when I'm sick.

"Thank you, always stomach. Eliminate this pain quickly."
"I'm sorry I'm thinking too much with my head, so stop my headache soon."
Insects are too good.

Thanks to your body as you age.
Consciously give thanks! And we hold this ceremony quietly in a futon every night.

Well, the effect. . . .
The condition of the body is smooth ♪

Until then, if it is said to be a concern. . . .
The footwork is naturally lighter

Good condition! I feel

Maybe after that, wrinkles on your skin will disappear and your body will become sharper! What if something happened
Absolutely, I will report on the blog! ! (Lol)

I'm in a good mood with a soul, a soul.

The body is our important partner.
Come and thank them with love!

By: Mirai



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