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The weekend was Adult's Day.
Congratulations to everyone who was greeted ♪

It is a nostalgic memory, but I remember having a fortune-telling in a taxi on the return of the coming-of-age ceremony!
The taxi driver told me,

"You're an adult. A mature person."
I remember when I was 20 years old.

Today is a book introduction ♪

This is my favorite book from Hinohara-sensei.
Published in 2002, this book is about living and dying.

I'm still young because it's a story.
No, an event that always happens to everyone.
That is, to take off the body and reach the moment of light.

That's why I live.
What should we do now to be filled with a sense of fulfillment and happiness at the last moment?

Early New Year, Serious Content (Sweat)

Hinohara is active as a doctor even after he is over 100 years old.
Various worlds that I saw because I was a person who has lived life until 105 years old.

There are many tips for learning life and living better.

"I have a self that can bloom even when I'm old

In one sentence
I got a lot of awareness and energy.
Hidden teachings that you cannot experience are hidden in people's lives.

By: Mirai



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