SAKURA viewNatural splendor


Natural splendor

Every day, in change

I'm trying new challenges.


Thanks to corona

We started a session using ZOOM.

I'm not good at computers

While receiving support from various people

It has started to be utilized! !!


No ~

Convenient (bitter smile)


It will reduce the travel time

You can hold the same session as usual ♪

Really convenient (bitter smile)


Sometimes I'm worried about something now

If you see a familiar face through the screen

Happy feelings overflow.

Exchanging with the customer "Are you changing?"

Each of these words becomes a voice one octave higher.

I'm happy.


What used to be a matter of course

To tell the truth

I realized that it was to fill my heart.

I will stain it!

Thanks, thanks, really thanks.

I walked out to get mail.

I found such a unique tree!

I think it grew in places. . . .

Somehow cute (laughs)


A new thing that I discovered on the side of a road that I was familiar with.

Comfortable to take a deep breath.

Every day, I realize just how wonderful "natural" is.

Reconfirmed that he was surrounded by a lot of happiness.

And with a new challenge,

Every day the world view is expanding.




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