SAKURA viewDo you know how to put on the mask correctly?


Do you know how to put on the mask correctly?

It seems that the mask has both sides.
Cover the nose and mouth with the one with the rubber ears on the front and the non-equipped one inside.

In addition, there is also an upper and a lower, so if it contains metal fittings it is above it is easy to understand, but if it is not, attach it so that the pleats face down.

This alone can be a countermeasure for the new coronavirus and a countermeasure for hay fever.

Do you know that masks can be reused?

According to JMAA Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association, Miracle Water has 70% ethanol antibacterial activity and does not require preservatives.

In addition, this mineral-reduced water has excellent permeability, so it can penetrate into the mask when sprayed on the mask, and if sealed with ziplock for 48 hours, bacteria and viruses will die and can be reused.

Hopefully we can do what we can while masks are scarce.

At SAKURAview Fukuyama school and Hiroshima school, you can make miracle spray and antibacterial gel, so please feel free to contact us.



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