SAKURA viewThe family has the flu!


The family has the flu!

The family has the flu!
At that time, what kind of measures are you taking?

What we can do
① Influenza vaccination
②Diffusion prevention
③Improvement of immunity

① It does not mean that you will not develop the disease because you have been vaccinated.
Some people develop flu even after being vaccinated.

②It is spread prevention, but does not bring virus into hand washing, gargle, and mask house
However, it is difficult to wash hands each time, so we recommend Miracle Antibacterial Gel.
Add Palmarosa to improve antibacterial power!

This gel is a mysterious gel that becomes a sol by vibration.

Usually, when ph11 comes into contact with the skin, it becomes ph5.5, which is gentle on the skin and has the same antibacterial activity.

Spray on hands after sneezing
Spray on mask and clothing
The whole family is safe by spraying in their hands

③Improvement of immunity, but it is said that there is no medicine that works against influenza.
Antipyretic if fever
Stop coughing if you cough
Treatment of runny nose and sneezing with medicine respectively!

For family care, there is an immunity-promoting cold gel that uses essential oils that forcibly raise immunoglobulins IgA and IgM, so care can be taken with early application.

A cold item that can be really helpful if you have one in your family if you are prepared

Today is Christmas Eve.
Have a good night. I think it is.



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