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QOL planner course

I moved to the Fuchu Secretariat from Fukuyama School in June, and it was my first QOL planner course.

However, today's students are from Mihara City, and the Fuchu Secretariat is a little further away.

There, I rented a room from the teacher's school #Holistic Plain Academy, which made me a teacher 15 years ago.

Formerly the beauty salon was used as the center, the woman had a pleasant atmosphere, and from a small height, it was directly in front of Fukuyama Castle.

If you are going to hold a business course or certification course for the association of medical aromas in Fukuyama, we will borrow it here, so please come to this healing space.

# Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
#QOL planner course
#Holistic Play Academy



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