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Soap making & making party

Yesterday in the Fuchu classroom
With soap making
It was a medical aroma making party.

I was a customer with weak skin
If you recommend handmade soap
My skin doesn't stretch
It's so good that I want to make it myself
You came with your friends.

After that, lavender cream
Lavender lotion is also a must-have item
I made it and went home.

Mix the soap
I will leave it for about 20 minutes
Coffee time in the meantime
The story was so lively that I couldn't stop laughing

Soap making party
Monday, July 6
On the 2nd floor of Mr. Tohoku Lumber in Higashihiroshima City
It will be held with Professor Miura.

Soap making party on a business trip
We will hold a medical aroma making event
Feel free to speak to us.

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