SAKURA view"The explanation was insufficient"


"The explanation was insufficient"

Today's students visited the homepage in advance and applied for a self-stress care lecturer course over the phone.

And this morning when the student came and asked why he was going to take this course as usual, he read a book himself and learned a little about aroma before. He said he wanted to learn medical aroma and use it for the health of himself, his family, and the people around him.

I thought that I wanted to learn more about medical aroma rather than studying psychology, so I changed it by talking about the contents of "QOL Planner Course".

He used to be from another essential oil maker before, and was surprised at how completely different it was at the time, and said that it was very good to learn under proper theory.

However, I was told that sometimes I was depressed and couldn't motivate anything, or that I couldn't clean up, so I asked them to make a tough gel that could be used at that time. "Really! So that's it"

Thinking about your stress and your partner, you applied for self-stress care.

This student is said to be moving to the United States with a partner in the spring
I was very pleased with what I learned so far in the United States because I wanted to use medical aroma.

Insufficient explanation of my course ...
Hereafter care!



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