SAKURA view"Teacher, my stomach hurts"


"Teacher, my stomach hurts"

Today, a boy student suddenly distorts his face during a vocational school class

One word, "Teacher, my stomach hurts"

When asked "What kind of pain?"

"It feels like the area around my navel is tingling. I don't feel like going to the bathroom, so is there anything that can cure this pain? "

Even if I was suddenly told, there is nothing in my bag to relieve abdominal pain today, but it seems to hurt, so I applied this around my navel and handed it a sedative gel!

Since it contains essential oils such as sedative and autonomic nervous stabilization, it is usually applied to the wrist when irritated or tense, but I asked him to apply it because the sedative effect is also effective for the abdomen.

And when I told him that it would work in about 20 minutes, the pain was really relieved in about 15 minutes, and then it seemed that the pain was completely relieved.

Medical aroma is
① Action
② Ingredients
③ Since the essential oil is selected according to the content,
I think it's wonderful to be able to use a wide range of actions.

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