SAKURA view"Machizemi" is a fun way to interact with local people


"Machizemi" is a fun way to interact with local people

"Machizemi" is a fun way to interact with local people

A town seminar, “Town Seminar,” which started in Okazaki City in 2003

In Fuchu City, it is held twice a year and this is the 10th time.

This is a small-group seminar where the shopkeeper serves as a lecturer and provides specialized knowledge and tips unique to professionals.

While living in this city, I couldn't easily interact with local people because medical aromatherapy schools are located in Fukuyama City and Hiroshima City.

A student who came here again asked me, "Do you live here?"
I answered, "Of course, I live," but the image seems to live in Hiroshima City.

I have begun to participate in this "machizemi", and I have been able to interact with many people from Fuchu city and out of the city and get to know medical aroma.

Today, 4 people in the morning and 3 people in the afternoon will participate, and learn a lot about medical aroma, how to use essential oils, pharmacological effects and constitution, and finally Everyone was happy to make lavender cream.

Today I made cream, but if you want to use gel for health care, I'm grateful that most people will come to make it now.

I also hope that the local people will be able to manage their health and their families with a smile.



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