SAKURA viewNHK Cultural Center Fukuyama, course information


NHK Cultural Center Fukuyama, course information

♪ It's coming soon!

ま せ ん Do you not learn a little? ♪

I put it on Candies' famous song (bitter smile)

Courses for the period ending April 2020

Information for the course!

This time, "Medical Aroma Self-Stress Care Instructor Training Course" will be launched ☆

Immediate care for the ups and downs of the heart!

Learn the basics of medical aroma

You can make a text prescription,

You can teach a self-stress care course.


Spring is invited by warmth

It's a season when you want to start something new.

Why not learn together?


This course is

It will be held in the NHK Cultural Center Fukuyama classroom.


Contact us

I would like to ask Fukuyama classroom {084-925-4110}.

You can also check on the web

Please try searching.


Spring of new encounter

Let's get excited.




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