SAKURA viewRecommended for dry care of autumn lips


Recommended for dry care of autumn lips

"Cold! ! 』

Today activity starts before the sun rises.
It was the first voice when I went outside.

Thanks to that, I was able to take a beautiful morning sun ♪
Good mood ♪

By the way, the serious mood of autumn has increased.
Sudden cold, backache, cold, etc.
Isn't there a lot of people who are sick?

What's more, it's dry at this time! ! ! !
My essential item is this!
With a firm cream of medical aroma,
(I write lip balm for myself easily)
Speaking of drying measures! It is a typical mask.

Is it a job or essential? (Laughs)
As we talk a lot, we have a dry throat type.

Of course the cold is also from the throat.
And although it's usually fine,

At the turn of the season, the edges of the lips are cut. . . .
Lips are rough in autumn.

It is this cream to use in such a case.

At the end of the night skin care, apply it to your lips, put on a mask to moisturize and sleep.
Then, overnight, the slippery lips will come back and the cut lips will stick.

In my case, in three days, I can't see a completely cut wound.
I can't let go of the future.

It's good to spend more time than usual on long autumn nights and skin care.



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