SAKURA viewI'm reading "Daddy is a brain researcher"!


I'm reading "Daddy is a brain researcher"!

This book is written by the author Yuji Ikeya as a father and a brain researcher.
It is also a personal childcare record and a book for thinking about the work of the brain through brain development.

For example, brain growth flow up to 1 year old
1 month I can't beat oxytocin and boobs
Two months, raising a child is different
3 months Daddy's voice goes up one octave
4 months put anything in your mouth
5 months "To the soul hundreds of triplets" is really⁈
6 months baby's time starts moving
7 months discomfort has changed
8 months The world spreads high and high
9 months, finally becoming human 10 months, learn pain and grow up
The desire to walk for 11 months is born
1 year old I want to meet my motivation

 Each one has an easy-to-understand neuroscience commentary, and the number of neurons in the brain is the largest at the moment when it is born as "Ogya", and then decreases. And by the age of three, about 70% of the nerve cells are eliminated. And that!

The moment I read it, I thought it was a lie, but 30% of the nerve cells survived. Thirty percent of them say that if they are healthy, they will survive beyond the age of 100.

In other words, it may be up to the triplets soul hundred.
Brain science is interesting‼ ️

I took a seminar on brain science and thinking in summer, but it may be interesting because I learned a little.



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